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Personal Electric Transporters of the Future

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Robo OB-1 and Robo OB-2 Personal Electric Scooters

Add a Seat to the OB-1 or OB-2 Electric Scooter for Just $100 Extra... Payment Option at the Bottom

( Not Made by Segway )

( We Have a Demo OB-2 Off Road Transporter for Customers to Demo & Try out, Contact us to Schedule an Appointment )

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" Demo Available "

Click Pics to View Details Up Close, The OB-1 and OB-2 are Very Well Put Together and Engineered Transporters that are Designed for Many Years of Trouble Free and Maintenance Free Operation..... " Let the good Times Roll "  

Introducing the Robo OB-1 and Robo OB-2 Personal Electric Transporters.  The Robo OB-1 and OB-2 are the result of 7 years of manufacturing experience. The OB-1 and the OB-2 have been claimed by many to be Better than a Segway with Batteries lasting up to 10 years. The Biggest Difference in the OB-1 and OB-2 is the Fender Cosmetics, Tire Size and Dimensions ( They are the same Transporter Inside )

We do have a Pretty Blue Robo OB-2 that is just a Dream to Drive and Operate. ( See Videos Below ) We welcome any serious inquirers to come out and demo the unit for themselves. The OB-2 can go in out of major ditches,  muddy or loose terrain and pretty much anywhere we want to go including incredibly steep and treacherous slopes ( * See Videos Below * )  The OB-2 is a really well put together machine that is well worth the money.  You can go to youtube videos channel millardjacobs1 and see more videos and see some of the other transporters we offer as well 

Demo Videos Riding the Robo OB-2

Hills and Steep Slopes are no Problem as you can See

 Video of the OB-2 VS Some Really, Really Steep Slopes

"Follow Up Video From Roboscooters AFTER the Fall"

( The OB-2 is a Heavy Duty Transporter meant for years of Trouble Free use and can carry a weight from 40 lbs to over 350 lbs )

Robo OB Series Doing 360's up and down a 30 Degree Slope

The Robo OB-1 is the City Model or Street Model or equivalent to the Segway PT Personal Transporter.  The Robo OB-2 is the Off Road Model Equivalent to the Segway X2 Model.

The OB-1 and the OB-2 both come with a built in charger ( no need to carry a charger anymore ),  has a  5 function Remote with an adjustable Headlight and front and rear lights on the transporter that can be turned on or off. ( The OB's also come with a kick stand not shown in the pics )

Colors: Dark Blue,  Baby Blue, Blue Camo, Green Camo, Yellow, Red, Pink and Black.

Color choices can Be for OB-1 or OB-2 

OB-1 City Road Tires can Be Exchanged for OB-2 Off Road Tires
$150.00 Extra 

Better than a Segway?

23 miles on a charge
Battery good from 5 -10 years
Virtually Indestructable Fenders ( Police Shield Material )
Adjustable overall speed and speed limit set by remote

Built in Charger
Charges in 2 - 4hrs

Special Wireless Key shows Travel Time, Distance Traveled, Speed and Remaining Battery Power

5 Function Remote & Adjustable Headlamp
Lights on the front and Back to Indicate Transporter Function
Water Proof and Shock Proof

Demonstrating the Off Road OB-2 on Crawford lake Dirt Road

Robo Ob series Vs Big Boulder

Video Below of the OB-1 in Action
( Off Road Wheels Can Be Added to the OB-1 for $150 Extra )

Robo OB-1

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Robo OB-2

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About the Cost and Price of the OB-1 and OB-2

The Manufacturers Mission Statement: Our Goal and Principle is to do the Best and be the Best. We always use the Very Best Quality materials, the most stringent production and testing, and strive to make the best products Available, which leads to our cost being much higher than our cheaper competitors . 

We do not have Price Advantage, but we rely on the Quality and Reputation of our transporters to win the market. Our products in the initial stage of marketing are indeed more difficult than those bargains, but once consumers really understand the performance and quality, they will be very satisfied with our products. 

Video Below of OB-2 Pulling a Mini Van

Robo OB-2 Personal Electric Transporter

Robo Ob-2 VS Bot-9

Right Click on Pic and Open link in a new Window to see Specs Better

Robo Ob-1 in Snow

OB-1 OB-2 Fender Test ( Virtually Indestructable )

Robo OB-1 and OB-2 Specifications

  • OB-1 Dimensions: 600 x 670 x 1145 mm or 23.6" X 26.3" X 45"
  • 19" City Tires

  • OB-2 Dimensions: 814 x 857 x 1145 mm or 32" X  33.7" X 45"
  • 21" Off Road Tires 

  • Power: 1,100W X 2 For 2,200 total watts
  • Speed: 0 to 20kph or 12.5 mph ( Adjustable by Remote )
  • Surmountable obstacle height: 8.5cm
  • Climbing capability: ≤30°
  • Cruising ability: 38km or about 23 miles
  • Maximum bearing weight: 120kg or 350 lbs
  • Minimum bearing weight: 30kg or 65 lbs
  • Noise: ≤55dB
  • Charging time: 2- 4 hours
  • Battery type: Life PO4
  • Normal use range: 5 to 10 years
  • Control system: INS gyro control
  • Speed of response: 200Hz
  • 5 Function Remote Control including Speed Setting
  • Appearance and control patent are both independent
  • Many colors available
  • City Model or Off Road Tires can be selected for The OB-1
  • Wireless key can be used for remote communication and control

Robo OB-1 City Version gross weight is 70kg or 154 lbs and net weight is 60kg or 132 lbs. The size of carton is 58*77*77cm. 
Robo OB-2 Off Road version gross weight is 80kg or 176 lbs and net weight is 65kg or 143 lbs. The size of carton is 70*85*77cm.

Before and After Purchase Instructions Info
( Remote Control Explained )

Once Payment has been confirmed we will send you a confirmation of payment received email within 24 hrs of confirmed payment and ask you to confirm your Address, Color Choice, and phone number for the shipper. Tracking Number Provided in 3 -5 Business Days after Confirmed Payment and Delivery is usually under 2 weeks but can take up to 3 in rare cases.

Free USA Shipping Only, all other Countries will need to contact us to Determine if there are any shipping charges for your country.  No Import taxes to the usa, all other Countries will need to contact their local government or customs to inquire about customs fees, taxes or paperwork.   

((( Add A Seat for Just $100 Extra... Payment Option Below )))

Colors May Vary Slightly in Shade From the Photos Due to Screen Resolutions 

Colors: Dark Blue,  Baby Blue, ( Blue Camo, Green Camo $150 Extra ), Yellow, Red, Pink and Black.

Color choices can Be for OB-1 or OB-2 Except:  ( Blue Camo and Green Camo cannot be added to the off Road Version, ) 

Robo OB-1

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Robo OB-2

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Please Email us with Questions or Concerns or to Discuss your Options,  Emails are Answered within 24 hrs

Full Video of the Robo OB Series Electric Scooters